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Jess Newman

Four facts about me...

My Favourite Font

Adobe Ofelia Italics

My Favourite Colour

At the moment it's yellow, cause it's so bright and happy

Favourite Song when I am designing

Tattoo, by Ava Max

Favourite Late Night Designing Snack

Crackers and cheese

About Me

Jess Newman is a Digital Designer with a focus in branding and campaigns, who has graduated with a BA (Hons) Digital Design and Advertising qualification. Jess is passionate about art and how it can create change, she has always been interested in social movements and how design can influence people to make a difference. Jess is especially interested in logo design, brand identity and advertising campaigns; she loves to build a brand from the ground up, to create a vision and to bring a brand’s story to life. She finds it is very rewarding to design brands that have a purpose, she feels brands should reflect who they are and what they value in their design and enjoys the process of bringing forward a brand’s beliefs.

Throughout her time at university Jess has continued to explore how art and design can create movements and inspire change, she has worked on numerous projects ranging from rebranding a local charity for domestic abuse survivors to creating a brand that changes the way people view vegan food products. She immensely enjoyed furthering her knowledge of Adobe and finding her specialisms, her time in university has helped her to learn design principles whilst also exploring her own creativity.

For her Final Major Project Jess specialised on a branding and campaigning project, this allowed her to develop her skills with Adobe XD to design the app whilst also showcasing her love for bringing a brand to life. Jess chose her Final Major Project to focus on tackling a women’s issue and creating a solution for the lack of education around women’s sexual and menstrual health. Her project aimed to make resources and information on women’s health readily accessible to everyone by creating an app that has articles, videos, and a chat feature, to ensure that people are properly informed and to put all the information in one place. Alongside the app Jess built a campaign to help women’s voices be heard and to highlight the inequalities around the world, using social media as a tool to spread information and make change.

She is also grateful to have had experience outside of university working with clients. She has worked on design projects for small businesses local to her, so she could gain experience with how to communicate the wants and needs of a client into her proposals. She also worked with companies to create social media content for their businesses to help them build a better identity and reach a bigger audience. She feels this will help her when she has a job at a design agency working with clients.

After graduation Jess plans to find employment in the design and advertising industry, she hopes to find a role at a design studio where she can further her skills and gain experience in a practical and creative setting. She also plans to take on personal projects which can help her advance her skills and fulfil her passions and her voice.

Experience and Skills

June 2024

July 2021

July 2019

Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Digital Designer and Advertising from The Northern School of Art

Achieved A level qualifications in English Literature, Psychology and Fine Art

Achieved GCSE qualification

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